The Only Guide to Termite Control On Walls

What Does Termite Control On Walls Do?

We are the trusted pest control company for many contractors and construction companies in Brisbane, and are efficent, on time and accurate with all the requirements.

All installations are provided with a FORM 16, as demanded by the certifier and also a treatment certificate.

The emphasis of current building regulations is on managing termites through barrier systems and inspections rather than environmentally harmful methods of the past.

Termite Control Online - Questions

A recent CSIRO study found that steel & masonry houses had practically the very same chances of attack as timber houses.

For new homes the key to pest management would be to prevent pest entry in the initial place.Before buying a property in a termite risk area, always get a professional inspection & obtain a certificate.

There is a range of building products which will minimise the risk of any termite attack. The priority is to provide a system which addresses all of the home, not structural elements.

This usually consists of a barrier system built into the construction that is designed to assist termite inspections once the house is occupied.

The Definitive Guide to Termite Control Online

Use termite resistant timber where possibleEnsure a proposed building has termite barriers specified in the plans and They are installed to the manufacturers specifications

Large and established resources of termite food and nesting near the website (e.g. established bushland) increases the chance of termites.Permanently damp ground increases the ability of termites to assault, i.e. they can more easily build mud tunnels from the ground into the house.The farther north in Australia, the larger the prevalence of termites.When building right up to the boundary, inspections might not be possible from the neighbour's land, thereby increasing the chance of hidden attack.When adding house extensions, problems such as barrier continuity, sub floor ventilation and sub floor access may increase the risk of attack. .

If you find yourself saying yes to any of these problems, then it is best to plan to handle them before building.

Consult your builder, designer and pest manager because you might need to perform more than the minimum requirements.

The Main Principles Of Termite Control Online

Isolate structures such as decks and balconies from the main construction, i.e. when the barrier systems can't be integrated smoothly with the main building

Get detailed advice from a pest manager; inquire if they have professional indemnity insurance for timber pest inspection and treatment.  Remember... before you build, design to make it Simple to inspect for termites

In general, make sure the termite management system fits the home style. . .one kind does not match all!!

There are many products available on the market in Australia that prevent termite access, provide resistance to termite attack or find termites.  We only use the Very Best and latest products & technology to get our termite control and termite inspections, including:

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Following the termite treatment, has been installed, each client receives a customised diagram all in accord with the Australian Standards AS 3660 for termite control and management for Brisbane and the Redlands.

Every day you wait can create pests harder to eradicate.  You can schedule your ceremony online at one time that's best for you and save $10.00 see this website or phone us NOW on 1300361814 or email us at

Your Redlands Pest Control Professional knows what works best against pests & termites & rodent control with his very best clinic in pest management service & guidance.

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Your Redlands Pest Control Professional chooses only from our advanced solutions designed specifically for Brisbane and the Redlands ensuring that the safest and most effective pest this contact form management techniques for your own family and home.

Kevin Joyce Pest Management uses advanced infra-red cameras for non-invasive termite inspections. This technology can assist in detecting termite activity in areas not visible to your technician, and thus securing a inspection and document.

Here is an example of the comprehensive individualized treatment plan we did for a recent client at Georges Hall. This will give you an notion of what needs to be done to fully kill, remove and protect a home.

Our technician carried out an inspection of their premises, and active termites located in many areas of the home.

The Termite Control On Walls Ideas

Handle activity in the roof beams by applying TERMIDOR dust into the workings. Action was also found in internal walls of the lounge area and back bedroom.

It required our technician half a day to clear the sub nest as a few parts were like cement indicating they Adelaide Property Inspections had been there for a long moment.

The treatment was then carried out to the external regions of the house by drilling a 12 mm hole around the concrete areas every 300mm and inserting TERMIDOR Termite Chemical into the ground which then will make a barrier to the external part of the house.

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